This blog is a companion to my others (Exquisite Pleasure and A Sophisticates Diary). It will be a place for me editorials and commentary on current events around the world.

I am a socially liberal independent. I see Democrats and Republicans as two sides of the same corrupt plutocratic coin. I agree with those who think corporations own the government of the United States, but even that is a cover for the richest one percent who run those corporations, and our nation for their own benefit.

I might be convinced to be libertarian if we lived in a world of small towns and small privately owned businesses. As things are, libertarianism is a utopian idea that would give free reign to the uber rich minority who already operate with too little restraint.

Whether we lose our right to vote, or not, the common people have lost most of their influence over the government and are rapidly headed towards being a nation of serfs ruled by a handful of wealthy industrialists.

The greatest impediment to that outcome is actually the very real possibility that a world wide oil shortage will bring all of Western Civilization to its knees. All signs point to the fact that the world has reached its peak oil production. Whether that can be maintained for another ten years, or one hundred is immaterial with oil use increasing at exponential rates in India and China.

All things considered the next ten years will be a bumpy, if not disastrous and tragic ride.


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